Luke Carroll Brown



Sydney Sanders

Director of the SGA Environmental Affairs Commitee

"I have had the opportunity to work with Tiff Chang for about a year on the Environmental Affairs Committee for the Student Government Association. Tiff is one of the hardest workers I have met at Middlebury, and is consistently taking initiative on a variety of projects to help improve campus life. There is no doubt in my mind that Tiff will be a great representative as a Cook Commons Senator for the next academic school year. She has my full support!"


Aaron DeToldeo

Finance Committee Member, Battell FYC, cycling teammate

"I first met Tiffany when she interviewed for the Finance Committee this past fall. I was immediately struck by her energy and her concern for the interests of all students. As I got to know Tiffany this year on the Finance Committee, as an FYC in Battell and on the Cycling team, I have been increasingly impressed by her. She will make a fantastic Cook Commons Senator and I hope you all agree and support her on election day!"


Ben Bogin

Community Council Member, Cook FYC, ex-carpooler

"I'll be voting for Tiffany this Tuesday. I've known Tiffany since high school, and I feel lucky to consider her a friend. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and is incredibly perseverant. Looking at all that she's accomplished this year, I'm incredibly excited to see everything she has planned for next year, and the following ones. A vote for her is a vote for a better Middlebury."


Peter Mattson

SGA Treasurer, Cook FYC

“As a fellow flying pig, I cannot think of anyone better suited than Tiffany to represent the ideas and concerns of the Cook Community at the SGA Senate next year. She is a strong, independent thinker who has gained important experience through serving on the Finance Committee, and I look forward to hearing about her further contributions to Cook Commons and Middlebury down the road."


Jake Nonweiler

SGA Chief of Staff

"[Tiff would] make a great senator because [she is] mature, focused, and persistent. [She does] whatever is needed to accomplish a task at the highest standard."


Karina Toy

First Year Senator

"Tiffany will be a great senator. The few times she has served on Senate as a proxy she has always had something great to say and I am honestly so glad she decided to run. I meet Tiff at the very beginning of the year when she and I started Arabic together. For the first week, we ended up spending 3 hours a night on homework. It was awful. But with Tiffany to struggle through it with it honestly wasn't so bad. She always has a positive attitude, and is full of ideas. It is my pleasure to endorse her and I am confident that she will be a great senator for Cook commons next year."