Old home: Marin County, California

Current home: Battell 200 (the Battell triple)

Future home: Pearsons 201 with my BFF Brenna


Favorite Sports: road biking, rugby team

Things I dabble in: RISE, FOO! leader, ConcussionsSpeak

Over my gap year I: Worked at a salad/sandwich restaurant, went to Haiti, got WFR certified

Proctor Go-Tos: plate of broccoli w/ melted cheddar, bagel with grape jelly and cream cheese​

Favorite Quote: "Our room's big. And we love each other, which makes it even bigger."

- roommate Amanda Reilly



Finance Committee: Reviewed, discussed and voted on 120+ student org budgets. Ensures the $1M Student Activities Fund is allocated equitably and fosters a thriving campus.


SGA Environmental Affairs Committee: Currently in charge of working with Facilities and the Environmental Council to install a Dero Bike Fix-It Station! I'm in meetings as you read this; I have my fingers crossed it'll be installed by July.


Community Council: Discussing and voting on issues with Dean Shirley Collado, students, faculty and staff, including: interviewing candidates for Director of the CCI, voting in the Chromatic House and Intentional Living House, discussing a social honor code, how to improve student-faculty-staff relationships, how to reduce end-of-year move-out waste, video surveillance, room draw, the new indoor track and more.