Hey Cook!


My name is Tiff and I'm running for SGA Cook Commons Senator. 


I'm an Environmental Econ major and I love road bikes, singing, dogs and rugby. I live in the Battell Triple, and I currently serve the SGA as a member of three committees: the Finance Committee, SGA Environmental Affairs Committee and the Community Council.


It's true - there are no other candidates running for Cook Commons Senator. In fact, only one of all ten races this election is contested, which is alarming. BUT, it's still important that you know my platform, and I hope that Cook has the highest voting turnout of all of the commons.


Do you want to change financial aid policy so that outside scholarhsips aren't deducted from Midd's aid package? Do you want a say in what color the Bike Fix-It Station is? Right now we're thinking a powder coat in medium green or dark green, but if you guys want orange let me know. 

My email is tchang@middlebury.edu. Use it.


Visit go/vote on Tuesday 4/29 @ noon.




Hey Everyone,


I want to thank everyone who voted! Without you, everyone else would have won. But in all seriousness, it took a significant amount of effort to find that commons election link, and I and the rest of the campus appreciate it. You were probably wondering what the turnout was, as was I, so I asked the elections director Matthew Hall and the results are below. I am sad to report that Cook did not win the commons voting turnout competition, however I didn't think the overall turnout was too shabby, all circumstances considered.


Best part of the election: making the posters and getting to say whatever I want. 

My goal for next year: increase the number of people that run next year by 71 and to takeover at leat 200 more go/ links. 


Now that the elections are over you should email me with your ideas/problems/suggestions: tchang@middlebury.edu. Also you should still read my platform! Perhaps you should read it more now than ever.


 I'm down to email, to have lunch/breakfast/second dinner/midnight snack, be asked on a date, whatever, and discuss whatever's on your mind. I've already talked to someone about financial aid and outside scholarships, and another one about changing the entire structure of the SGA. There's nothing too big or too small. I'd still talk to you if you were in another commons, just FYI. 


Peace, love and Proctor turkey burgers,




Atwater: 124

Brainerd: 164

Cook: 151

Ross: 157

Wonnacott: 126


Sophomore: 375

Junior: 178

Senior: 181


All Student: 754